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Lina McGinn: That's how the light gets in​

September 21st - October 13th

Through a crack or a cut. Enter: crevices, orifices - to peer into, peek, play. Exit: eyes gaze outward toward dark. An absence, a scoop, a hollow. Look! The inside parts.


Gym is pleased to present That’s how the light gets in, a solo exhibition from Lina McGinn. Lina McGinn (b. 1994, New York) is an artist based in New York. McGinn received her BFA from the Cooper Union. Her work uses and manipulates everyday objects to question their form and alterity.


That's how the light gets in consists of a series of box-like sculptures that invite us to look in. Sickly, somber tones – muddled within bright hues – form exterior skins, masking the objects' discrete, vibrant interiors. Cuts, holes, and openings suggest that there is something inside each box, peering out, demanding that we look within. The sculptures ask us to confront their absence; all that is inside is the light that is let in.

Press release and checklist

Installation images by Shark Senesac

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