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Nora Chellew: Water Index

August 23rd - September 8th

Opens Friday, August 23rd 7-9pm

Gym is pleased to present Water Index, Nora Chellew’s first solo exhibition in New York. Water Index presents a timeline, centered around ideas of bathing. All works relate to the bath and/or being in water, and are categorized through a linear index. The index follows, in order, “Past, Biblical,” “Present, Body Politic,” “Future, Sapiens,” with “Reflection, Hypnosis” as an overarching presence.

Nora Chellew is an artist and native New Yorker. Her work combines poetry and informational text with three-dimensional structures. She has shown work in Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; and Athens, Greece. Nora currently teaches art to NYC kids, and will begin this fall as Production Assistant in MoMA’s Performance and Live Programs department.

Press release and checklist


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